Save the Date! The Third Dimension: Rhode Island in 3-D

Sat Jun 19 2010
7pm – 9:30pm

Aldrich House, 110 Benevolent Street, Providence, RI
What is The Third Dimension?

Before 3-D blockbuster movies, there were stereoview photographs– a parlor entertainment invented in 1851 and popularized by Queen Victoria that brought a 3-D world into America’s living rooms. Let the Rhode Island Historical Society show you, in stunning 3-D, familiar places transformed by time. Historian Ned Connors will be our tour guide, leading us through the streets, parks and homes of 19th and 20th century Rhode Island. The proceeds from this fundraising event will support the Graphics Inventory Project, a landmark effort to make fully accessible the vast audiovisual resources at the Rhode Island Historical Society.

Tickets are $75. Seating is limited. To purchase tickets: (401) 273-8107 x12,

To sponsor a program ad by May 15th, please contact: Karen Eberhart, Special Collections Curator at (401) 273-8107 x20.


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